Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting Caught Up

I am gradually getting more control over things.  Like my LIFE, my job, and my prospective art career.  There are some things that I'm a bit behind on, one of those things is getting illustrations posted up to this blog!  For the next several evenings I'll be putting up something new!  Well, not necessarily "new" but stuff I haven't shared before. 

Catching up: The Rogues Gathering

Earlier this year, Randy Lander (of Rogues Gallery, Comics and Games in Round Rock TX) asked me to create an illustration for a gathering at his store, to coincide the opening of this year's Spill Dot Con/Rooster Teeth's RTX convention. I coined it "The Rogues Gathering" but it didn't catch on (except for all the finished PDF and JPG files I sent Randy).  When he first approached me for the illustration I asked what he had in mind, and his sort of shrugged and said "whatever, just something cool"

I've been told this fit the "Cool" bill.

a veritable cavalcade of comic and genre characters and cretins, all surrounding the Roguish store Mascot, Maximilian Larch

I was kind of worried during the coloring stage.  My computer is starting to wheeze and heat up with any photoshop file larger than 300 MB.  but I was able to color it up pretty decently. 

Sadly the size the cards were printed out at cropped out Gorilla Grodd's impeccable martini-making prowess, and most of R2D2.  But all in all, very pleased with the result.