Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Album Art Mash-up: Dr. Who vs. The Clash

Fresh off the heels of creating an incredibly intricate mash-up Album "The Wire vs. The Beatles" I was looking forward to something a little easier to handle, So when my friend Beau requested a parody of the Clash's first album with the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor, I could hardly contain my excitement. But art is never easy. This one had it's own slew of challenges.

title: Police Box & Thieves. (rejected title: Hate & Time War)

Namely, the inking... I like to have a nice clean, yet textured look to my inks. This album cover I thought would be a snap since the photo is all 100% black and 100% white, no greys... but there's a lot of splotchy almost-stippling-but-not-quite-stippling going on here that wasn't easy to duplicate. But, duplicate it, I somehow managed to do.

Here's a colored version (I freaking love that it only took me one minute to color this piece)
and the original, for reference.

This is not the last Album Art Mashup that I will do. I plan to do MANY More.
(especially more Doctor Who ones) :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Mash-up of a different kind: The Wire vs. The Beatles

It began as a birthday gift to a friend (and it still is, BTW. Greg, pick this up already!) and ended as a return of an idea I wanted to continue since I did the "Dr. Who/The Who" album cover mash-up way back in '04.

Today, fine people, I unveil to you the newest Album Art Mash-up: taking The Beatles album "Revolver" and populating it with characters from HBO's "The Wire"

Go ahead, click it, zoom in and take a gander. That's over 30 characters, elements from opening credits, props and more (yes, that is the musical notations for "The Farmer in the Dell"), and over a month of sketching, planning, and inking.
(The big heads) Jimmy McNulty, William "Bunk" Moreland, Omar Little, Stringer Bell.
(The little heads) Jay Landsman, William Rawls, Commissioner Burrell, Major "Bunnie" Colvin, Tommy Carcetti, Lester Freamon, Kima Greggs, Leander Sydnor, Ellis Carver & Thomas "Herc" Hauk, Clay Davis (sheeeeeit), Augustus Haynes, Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski, Dennis "Cutty" Wise, Brother Mouzone, Rhonda Pearlman, Cedric Daniels, Wallace, Beadie Russell, Bodie Brodus, Poot Carr, Michael Lee, Namond Brice, Randy Wagstaff, Dukie Weems, The Greek, Spiros Vondas, Marlo Stanfield, Snoop, Chris Partlow, Bubbles (and family), Proposition Joe, Waylon, Maurice Levy, D'Angelo and Avon Barksdale,

It was a beast of an illustration, but DAMN I'm happy with how it turned out. And this won't be the last Album Art Mashup from me. Expect more in the near future.

(and for reference, here's the original... slight changes were made to layout to fit in people, and to keep certain groups of people together...)